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ConfigServer Class Reference

#include <configserver.h>

Inheritance diagram for ConfigServer:

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Detailed Description

Provide system menu through InputServer interface.

Definition at line 28 of file configserver.h.

Public Member Functions

void GetCandilist (Candilist &rList)
ImmInfo GetImmInfo ()
void GetInputBuf (char *pBuf, int len)
string GetServerType ()
bool IsFullChar ()
bool IsFullComma ()
bool LoadImm (ImmInfo &rModule)
bool ProcessKey (char key, string &rBuf)
void SetClientBufLen (int len)
void SetFullChar (bool value)
void SetFullComma (bool value)

Protected Attributes

int mClientBufLen
ImmInfo mImmInfo
bool mIsFullChar
bool mIsFullComma

Private Member Functions

string GetTextAutoSelectUnique ()
string GetTextDetectEncode ()
string GetTextEncode ()
string GetTextInputEncode ()
void MenuHandleAutoSelectUnique ()
void MenuHandleDetectEncode ()
void MenuHandleEncode ()
void MenuHandleGotoSysMenu ()
void MenuHandleIme ()
void MenuHandleInputEncode ()
void MenuHandleSetAutoEncodeAUTO ()
void MenuHandleSetAutoEncodeBIG5 ()
void MenuHandleSetAutoEncodeGB ()
void MenuHandleSetAutoEncodeMANUAL ()
void MenuHandleSetEncodeBIG5 ()
void MenuHandleSetEncodeGB2312 ()
void MenuHandleSetEncodeGBK ()
void MenuHandleSetEncodeJIS ()
void MenuHandleSetEncodeKSC ()
void MenuQuit ()

Private Attributes

struct MenuItem * mpCurMenu

Static Private Attributes

static MenuItem mDetectEncodeMenu []
static MenuItem mEncodeMenu []
static MenuItem mImeMenu []
static MenuItem mSysMenu []


struct  MenuItem

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